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The PUPPY POUCH is exclusive to Dog-E-Designs.  It's unique design was created by Kim & Joan Watts (owners of Dog-E-Designs).  It is the perfect accessory for people with small dogs or puppies as it frees up your hands while still allowing you to carry your little "fur-baby". 
    One unique benefit of the puppy pouch is the window.  Plastic mesh allows air circulation as well as vision for "shy" dogs who might prefer to lie down or "hide".  The window can be velcroed shut if your dog prefers to sit with his head stuck out the top, or if the weather is just too cool or wet to leave it open.  The top of the pouch is elasticized to enable you to open it right up to put your dog in, but it closes back up partially to keep your dog from hanging out the top.  It also has a top flap which can give added protection if it is raining or snowing but it can be tucked in if your dog is sitting up.  A 1" d-ring is sewn into the pouch in order to fasten a leash or tie-down to so you can secure your dog in the pouch if necessary.
    The pouch is very easy to put on.  It is worn on your front and the adjustable straps are criss-crossed on your back and fastened with side-release buckles on each side.  We find that any dog that enjoys being carried  - loves the puppy pouch!
    This carrier is an absolute must with anyone who has a small dog and likes to take them with them on outings, especially in crowded places.  It prevents the dog from being scared or stepped on and they tend to enjoy the "view" from up off the ground.  The PUPPY POUCH is also an arm & shoulder saver - no more "kinks" in the arm from holding your dog in one position or sore shoulders from all the weight carried on one side - the puppy pouch distributes the weight evenly. 

                The puppy pouches are available in 5 different materials and 3 different sizes: 
    LARGE (holds up to 15lbs) - approx. dim.: 17" deep x 17" wide   (has 2 small side pockets)
    MEDIUM (holds up to 10lbs) - approx. dim.: 15" deep x 14" wide 
    SMALL (holds up to 7lbs) - approx. dim.: 13" deep x 13" wide


The DENIM PUPPY POUCH is made from durable denim material in a variety of colours.  It is the most popular of all of our puppy pouches as the denim is not too bulky to carry but is strong enough to carry larger dogs (up to 15lbs).  The denim is also a favourite with people who prefer a more subtle carrier for their dog.

LG   MD   SM
COLOURS (all trimmed in black):
    black         burgundy      purple           red           navy camo

PRICES:     CAN$        U.S.$       


The CANVAS PUPPY POUCH is made from breathable canvas type material.  It's the perfect pouch for very hot days.  The open weave of the material allows air circulation throughout the pouch to prevent your dog from becoming too hot.

COLOURS (all trimmed in black):

cream aztec  pastel abstract      rose      bright red

 blue check     royal         mint        plum     grey stripe

PRICES:     CAN$        U.S.$       


The FLEECE PUPPY POUCH is made from soft, lightweight fleece and is perfect for smaller dogs.  It makes a comfy carrier to hold your little "fur-friend".

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  hand-wash or machine wash gentle cycle, hang to dry

COLOURS (all trimmed in black):
zoo animals      beige puppies      teddy bears     grey puppies     navy & lt. blue      khaki


PRICES:     CAN$        U.S.$       


The FAUX SUEDE PUPPY POUCH is made from washable, upholstery type material with a faux suede texture.  It is available in various solid colours.
              Very Luxurious!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  hand-wash or machine wash gentle cycle, hang to dry

COLOURS (all trimmed in black):
 black       grey        beige      taupe       navy       royal      lt blue     misty    burgundy  


PRICES:     CAN$        U.S.$