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    100%         about to          beware!           beware!         born            born           born          born to rule          born          
 pure love     develop...   barking zone     I lick first...      to eat          to kiss        to play       live to cuddle     to snuggle 

  canine            canine           daddy's       damn            diva           do i smell        dog of         doggie       dog-gone    
  cuddler            cutie            little girl     I'm good        doggy            treats?         the year        dude         gorgeous

  dog's motto         drama           fetch it       furbaby          got                               guard dog     have tongue   he-e-e-re's
 look innocent       queen          yourself    ...attitude        food?        grrrhhh           on duty           will lick          puppy   

   hey baby              hey              hot           I brake       i brake       i can't hold       ...start          ...back          I just...       
wanna snuggle      dawg            stuff          for cats      for food        my licker        petting            off             cuddle    

   I (heart)         I (heart)        I (heart)        I (heart)        I (heart)         I'm just            I poop             it's all    
fire hydrants     my dad       my mom      my owner      my treats       a kid ...       mom scoops    about me  

  I wuff         isn't easy           just a              k9                                        lap                lap            life's a        
    you       being a bitch   snuggle bum    security           killer           lover            warmer       bitch...    

  macho        mama's        mama's        mooch     my bark worse        my name is           my owner      my owner                    
    mutt            baby             boy            pooch        than my bite       no, no bad dog...  babe magnet      is cute

my owner     not tonight      no treat,           official's    pampered                                                real           
handsome    guard duty      no trick       food inspector     the poop      pooch alert     precious       princess     puppy love 

 rub my       shirt make       small dog         spoiled           stop              stud            talk to         this much        too cute   
   belly       me look fat?  big personality     rotten           bitch'n          muffin         the paw       cuteness...      for words  

    top          touch me         warning!          whatever    where's the   
    dog            i'll fart!       baby with fur      it was ...       cookies?        


 dachshund            dachsie            daring               diva               diva             doxie                                         
barking zone            dude           dachshund        dachsie           doxie             dude        doxielicious

    foxy             get a long           i long               low in              low               short &                
    doxy           little doggie        for you              stature...         rider                mighty  

  smokin'         they don't        vertically         what I lack
sausage...      call me ...       challenged        vertically...